Business Intelligence

How Business Intelligence (BI) Works for Business Processes

Business Intelligence (BI) techniques, architectures, methods, and solutions provide a comprehensive understanding of business processes. Centralized information provides one view of your data, giving metrics and visibility at all levels for improved decision-making, reduced costs, and increased growth.

BI gives insight into past operations, real-time analytics, and predictive capabilities. It allows the ability analyze data, identify trends and outliers, and monitor key metrics that impact performance. Using analytics reporting tools, data visualization software, cleansed databases, and real-time knowledge, each person within the organization has invaluable information at their fingertips.

Informed decision-making follows the knowledge gained through the disciplines associated with Business Intelligence, big data, and analytics. Business Intelligence is the method of making data meaningful and providing clear measures to an entire organization.

End-to-End Business Intelligence Services

Many times, the responsibility for these tools and associated legacy applications fall on your  DBAs who may not have the in-depth knowledge of the applications or the tools they utilize. Raz Syetms has the business intelligence administrators that can help you :

  • Our Business intelligence consulting services can provide you with end to end database and business intelligence support.
  • Document the applications that you currently have.
  • Enhance existing business intelligence applications.
  • Identify and resolve performance problems.
  • Migrate or upgrade to a newer release of Business Intelligence tools.
  • Work with your business users to design new business intelligence applications.
  • Manage your database environmentswith the assistance of Microsoft database administrators.
  • Design and implement data warehousing and business intelligence solutions with consulting and remote services.