MySQL is one of the fastest growing databases, powering applications across the web and across enterprises. It is the world’s most popular open source database, offering consistent performance and reliability. From a lower cost of ownership to its ease of use, MySQL is preferred by many hosting companies and large volume cloud services. Infrastructures built on Linux, Apache and Perl/PHP/Python often prefer the open-source nature of MySQL.

A growing number of Raz Systems customers are running MySQL. These customers are often laser-focused on their business and their applications, leaving the system administration of the database to Raz Systems. We have MySQL DBA teams dedicated to remotely administering MySQL Server databases and ensuring 24×7 operation of your production environment.

Our remote DBA services are designed to be adapted to client requirements. These flexible offerings allow you to pay a monthly service fee or pay as you go, based on the coverage level you require.Contact us to receive a free price estimate for your corporate DBA service plan needs. Our remote DBA services includes the following.

MySQL Remote DBA Services:
Raz Systems provides continuous MySQL DBA managed services for timely, reliable and cost-efficient MySQL databases administration. We offer 24×7 remote DBA support for MySQL databases through performance tuning, monitoring, system-level troubleshooting, and documented routine processes.

Full-time Database Administration
Our team of MySQL DBAs is dedicated 100% to the customer for enhanced service and infrastructure management. These functions often require detailed knowledge of a data environment enabling our team to better optimize, recommend, upgrade and manage the entire environment.