Oracle Database: Program with PL/SQL

Oracle Database: Program with PL/SQL; Apr-08-2017

This course starts with an introduction to PL/SQL and proceeds to list the benefits of this powerful programming language. Participants are made aware of how to create PL/SQL blocks of application code that can be shared by multiple forms, reports, and data management applications. In addition, creation of anonymous PL/SQL blocks as well as stored procedures and functions are covered in this course.

Participants enhance their developer skills by learning to develop, execute, and manage PL\SQL stored program units such as procedures, functions, packages, and database triggers. Understanding the basic functionality of how to debug functions and procedures using the SQL Developer Debugger gives way to refined lines of code. Participants also learn to manage PL/SQL subprograms, triggers, declaring identifiers, and trapping exceptions. The utilization of some of the Oracle-supplied packages is also in the course. Additionally participants learn to use Dynamic SQL, understand design considerations when coding using PL/SQL, understand and influence the PL/SQL compiler, and manage dependencies.

Learn from Oracle Certified professional with 19 years of experience in software development using Oracle products.

Fee: $399,
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Required Prerequisites:
Oracle Database: SQL
Laptop with Oracle 10g/11g Express and SQL Developer installed

Time:9:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Frequency: Every Saturday From v, for 5 weeks
Duration: 40 Hours

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Prepares for Certification Path: Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate (OCA), 1Z0-147,Program with PL/SQL.

Reference Book: OCP Developer PL/SQL Program Units Exam Guide